Five Things in ‘18

FIVE 🖐 Things in ‘18

New year. Fresh start. The beginning.

  1. the point in time or space at which something starts.

As we venture into 2018, there’s so much I’m excited about! This last year was incredible – just a few highlights include Owen joining our little family, making new friendships, spending quality family time together hiking & camping, and starting a home-based business. Enjoying Owen’s first Christmas with my family is also at the top of the list! 43DF9593-550E-4208-A98C-F8AD31E4853A
I feel like many of the things that changed this year were just the beginning of new adventures. 2018 is the start of many wonderful things.

Becoming a mommy has caused me to strive to become my best self and has uncovered passions that I didn’t realize I had. What’s truly important to me is becoming more and more apparent. I’ve been attempting to improve in a few areas of my life over the past few months, but intentions or goals without a plan is just hope. So going into 2018, I’ve decided to focus on bettering my life in five specific areas. To make these goals more than just that, I decided to write them out and explain my plan of action.

1. Being present. Being the best mommy I can be to little Owen requires me to be present in the moment. Scrambling through my days focused on running errands, cleaning, & meal prepping only to rush off to my night job is the opposite of what I’m envisioning here. This is also an accurate description of how I spent too many days this past year! My plan to change this? A schedule. I inwardly scoff because schedules grate against every ounce of my  being, but by adding structure to my days I’ll be able to plan ahead for what the day entails and better  enjoy the little moments more with Owen.

2. Intentionality. The hubs and I had a few opportunities for quality conversation this past week while on vacation. It was SO NICE! It’s amazing how misaligned schedules and juggling the first baby can leave so little time for relationships. And that’s exactly why we have decided to be intentional with scheduling time for each other in 2018. At least one date a month will allow time together that we can look forward to. Comment below with your favorite date night ideas! We’ve been out of the game for a while so recommendations are welcomed!

3. Finances. This is an area that has always been a priority but more recently is gaining  attention. The amount of wasteful things we (as Americans) can spend money on is ridiculous. I recently read the book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker, and my eyes have been opened to just how controlling consumerism can be. (Go read it now!) Our plan to tackle this is to examine purchases on grounds of necessity rather than want or convenience. Allocating our paycheck before we even receive them is a major way we plan to make this a reality.

4. Nutrition. This one goes hand in hand with finances. Eating for nutritional health rather than desire or emotional gratification is an area I intend to turn around this year. Side note: I’ve taken a huge interest in nutrition and would love to study holistic nutrition in the near future. In the meantime, I’ll trust the professionals to creatively design nutritional diets. Prioritizing meal planning and sticking to practical, healthful diets will help us cut final ties from the Standard American Diet. Who else is starting 2018 with Whole30? If so, stay tuned as I’ll be sharing some favorite compliant recipes!

5. Fitness. Ok, this one I am most excited about. I am SO READY to take my fitness to a new level! As a SAHM and working outside the home during the evenings, it’s easy to make excuses to not push myself physically. But I’m craving to be at a place I’ve never been before and am ready to see what my body is capable of. My plan to achieve this last-but-not-least goal? Show up to train at least 4 times a week and make every minute worth it.

I’d love to hear what you are changing this new year! If you have similar goals, share with me how you are going to make them a reality. Here’s to the best year yet!

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  1. Hi, best wishes with your goals! I have some similar ones and for fitness and healthy eating, I’ve committed to Barre3’s All-In challenge. I started Barre3 online workouts in November and they def helped keep me feeling great through the holidays. The challenge starts tomorrow and all workouts can be done online, great nutrition plan and recipes, too (on my way to the grocery store after I write this because I learned long ago that preparation is the key to success!). I look forward to following your progress, here’s to a healthy, balanced, mindful and fun 2018!

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and to comment! I hope your Barre3 challenge is going well, I have heard great things about it!! Good luck to you and your goals this year!


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