Living Vibrantly with Hashimoto’s

“A vibrant body, a radiant mind, a loving heart, and an honorable life.”

-{Stefan Emunds}


Having a chronic disease does not have to define your health or limit life fullness. Autoimmune diseases may not be curable, but there are so many things we can do to put these diseases into remission and live vibrant and abundant.

Is it a journey? Every day.

You don’t know what you don’t know. But knowledge is power, and that’s why I’m so passionate about learning new ways to improve my health naturally and sharing them with others.


The single most influential lifestyle change that has helped me reverse Hashimoto’s & live vibrantly with autoimmune disease:

getting the toxins out of my home and food.


I want to tackle this bear because yes, “toxic-free” is a buzzword (and rightly so). . .  but also because there is so much misunderstanding around the topic. “What are toxins, why should we care, do they really affect us, how do we detox”, and etc.

It’s a lifestyle, really.


The “know better, do better” mentality is what initially spurred my toxic-free living kick. The more I learned, the more steps I took to replace items in my home and diet with toxic-free alternatives.

So why? What do toxins have to do with an autoimmune disease?

I’m no expert, but here are a few things I have come to understand through researching modern day toxins:

  • Our livers are designed to naturally detoxify our bodies. But in our current environment, we are bombarded with toxins everyday – from air pollutants, food and water additives, to chemicals in our household and beauty products. This buildup of toxic exposure can lead to an overburdened immune system.
  • There are over 80,000 identified different chemicals in our environment, most of which have never been evaluated for safety.
  • Many of these chemicals are known endocrine disruptors which interfere with our hormone function.
  • Exposure to endocrine disruptors has been linked to hormonal imbalance (esp. estrogen dominance), thyroid disorders, infertility, cancer, birth defects, immune dysfunction, adrenal impairment, and developmental disabilities.

Specific examples of endocrine-disrupting chemicals that the average American encounters every day include flouride, chlorine, soy, BPA, phthalates, and parabens.

Signs of an overburdened immune system can include a wide variety of symptoms that most American’s struggle with daily and often take medications for. Just a few indications include headaches, fatigue, weight gain, and digestive issues. An overburdened system can quickly morph into toxicity, leading to chronic disease.

The good news? Know better, do better. See what I did there? 😉


It does seem overwhelming when trying to switch completely over from conventional food and products to toxic-free alternatives. But honestly, when you tackle one category at a time, it’s pretty simple.

  • Begin transitioning with diet by skipping the processed foods and switch to eating whole organic foods.
    • Need accountability? Try the Whole30 program! Or join a fitness community that offers nutritional support. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who can offer encouragement is incredibly helpful. I have a Facebook group designed for those desiring to follow a paleo and clean eating diet. Join us there for encouragement and recipe ideas.
  •  What you put on your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, so this is equally as important as diet. Gradually replace personal care products.
    • A few trusted brands I personally use include Dr. Bronner’s (toothpaste, muli-purpose castile soap, etc), Young Living (safe and indulgent personal care with therapeutic benefits), Beautycounter (all things skin care, makeup, and self-care), and Primally Pure (deoderant, more self-care ;). Curious what’s in your products? Check out the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database to see how your favorite products rank. Avoid anything that contains “fragrance” or “parfum”.
  • Switch out your household products.
    • This is one part of switching to safer products that I DREADED. I mean, bleach is the only thing that can really clean, right? Nope. Nature is greater than science, friends! I have used Thieves (a plant-based cleaner) for years now and use it on everything from my kitchen appliances to the bathroom, windows, and even little Owen’s highchair and toys. It is super concentrated, safe for animals and children, and lasts for months. Another simple swap is to exchange your plastic kitchen items containing BPA and phthalates with glass containers.



It’s pretty amazing what our bodies are capable of when supported. Reducing toxic load leads to stronger immune function and aids our bodies natural detoxification process.

Other ways I optimize detoxification include exercising, drinking lots of clean water, using safe unadulterated essential oils, and incorporating cleansing foods like greens, garlic, apples, and my new favorite – green tea.

What is your favorite way to detox?

Live vibrant and abundant,

❤  Terriann


*Message me or click here for membership pricing through Young Living for safer household & beauty products, therapeutic essential oils, and wellness supplements.



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