January Whole30 Final Recap

AEA97BDC-5CD7-4AE2-AAEB-014B9CB2B300I really wanted to get this post up by the first of February. But alas, here we are.

Since becoming a mom, I have become such a procrastinator! Anyone else experience this?!

January Whole30 Final Recap

So I’ll cut to the chase: Whole30 really is as great as everyone says it is. I’m pretty proud of myself for completing it, and am pleased that more changed than I initially thought would!

I considered myself a fairly healthy eater before doing the Whole30 (being dairy- & gluten-free), but I had NO IDEA how much of a hold sugar had on me.

My #1 Whole30 accomplishment? Kicking sugar and breaking free from indulging in emotional eating. This is huge for me because I no longer justify using food as a “reward”. Previously, any time I was stressed out or feeling down, my go-to vice would be anything sweet from brownies to sugar-filled coffee.

Another win: I lost the last 10 pounds of baby weight! And what’s even more exciting is that I lost 3.5 inches in my waist!


Wondering if this program is right for you? It’s worth a shot if you’re looking for a gentle whole-foods detox or interested in resetting your eating habits. No harm can come from eating whole foods!

It’s January 31st, things are great, I’m feeling WONDERFUL, and so I naturally felt free to indulge in grains and sweets. *eye roll* And wow. . . I felt SO terrible. Headaches, bloating, acne . . . it all came back. Bad life choice.

So I am happy to report that after a few days off of the program, I am back on track and ready to crank out another 30 days of only whole foods. Eating well is a form of self-respect, after all. 😉

If you’re thinking about giving it a shot, here are a few things to expect:

During days 1-3, you’ll be thinking “This is so EASY! How can people not make it through the 30 days?!”

Then your body will realize you are withholding all the bad things, the cravings will begin, and you will likely want to stab your significant other in the eyeballs during days 4-6. About a week into the program, your body will begin to detox, and you will be exhausted, and may even think you have the flu. Hang in there, because in just a few days in you will feel amazing. If you back out at this point, you’ve just went through a LOT of work for nothing!

I promise, it’s worth it.

You’ll gain so much energy, be able to think more clearly, sleep better, loose weight, be free of digestive issues, and just feel incredibly healthy.

A few tips for success:

First things first. Go buy Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning blend. Like now. I put the link RIGHT THERE for a reason. Plus mama’s gotta make a living so . . . 😀 Seriously though, it is SO delicious and you will want to put it on literally everything. It adds that perfect flavor and texture to mundane foods and dishes. My favorite Whole30 breakfast (we eat it at least 2x/ week) is Crustless Quiche with Sausage, Spinach, & Tomato  , and this is even more amazing with TJ’s EBTB seasoning sprinkled on top!

Keep it simple. It’s easy to get carried away with the countless Whole30 recipes on Pinterest. Wanting to try all new things is an easy trap to fall into. But doing this may cause overwhelm. I recommend starting simple – sheet pan dinners with a meat and veggies or just compliantly preparing whole foods you already love is a great way to ease into the program!

This leads me to my next tip: meal prep! It’s easy to prepare a large amount of several foods you enjoy – grilled marinated chicken & a variety of roasted vegetables for example – then mix and match them over the next couple of days when putting together meals. Throw them on a bed of greens (pictured at top), make a stir-fry, etc.

Prepare for success by becoming familiar with the Whole30 program. A lot of information about the program can be found online, but for the full scope, check out Melissa Hartwig’s book The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom.

Frozen veggies will be your best friend. Washing and preparing fresh, organic produce is ideal. But not always practical when you aren’t able to go grocery shopping 3x/ week! Did you know that frozen vegetables are harvested during peak season, then flash-frozen to maintain nutrients? They’ll save you so much time!

Similarly, riced cauliflower is the bees knees. If you try it and like it, use it as a base for creating bowls. This is easy to do by preparing your riced cauliflower then topping with sauteed or baked veggies and meat.

Feeling ready to try some new recipes? I am loving The Whole30 Fast & Easy Cookbook – the Hot Beef & Broccoli Salad recipe is the bomb! I’m excited to try the BBQ Pulled Chicken this week. Seriously fast & easy recipes for real life people. Check it out!


Do you have any tips or tricks that you feel were a game-changer for your Whole30? Please share! I’d love to hear what helped you power through!

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