Breakfast Power Bowl | Paleo & Whole30

What’s your favorite meal of the day?

I honestly look forward to breakfast more than any other meal. Every morning after getting Owen up, the first thing I do is make a pot of coffee then get started on breakfast. What that consists of varies everyday, which keeps it from being mundane.

Some days we have banana and egg “pancakes” (Owen LOVES these!), but lately I have enjoyed creating breakfast bowls. This is primarily because I have come to realize that I need a really substantial breakfast to power through my morning workout without crashing midway through. Hence, why I refer to this as a power bowl. 😉

Since doing the Whole30 last month, I see structuring meals so much more differently. Instead of limiting my morning meal to typical “breakfast” foods like waffles, bagels, or even just eggs & bacon, lately I’m enjoying being creative with mixing and matching whatever whole foods are on hand. With basically endless options, meals are far from boring around here these days!



Breakfast Power Bowl

So my latest craze – power bowls loaded with veggies and protein! Just using what I had on hand, this is what I made this morning:

Super simple-


The options really are endless! Use any leafy green as a base then top with whatever veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds, or protein you have on hand. This was SO GOOD. I can’t wait to try out bacon or breakfast sausage in place of the egg… and roasted sweet potatoes would be a nice replacement for the white potatoes. 😉

New to Paleo and need food shopping ideas? Check out the Whole30 shopping list to get started. My #1 recommendation for Whole30 / Paleo beginners: simple is key, don’t over-complicate meals with endless new recipes. Just start by pairing whole foods together that you already enjoy to make meals similar to this one.


What breakfast bowl creations have you made and love? If you give this a try, comment below with what you think!


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