Full Hands & a Full Heart

Mama’s, where does the time go?

Life seems to just get busier. We’re always working to improve, agendas full, and looking forward to the next thing.

And just like that our precious baby is grown into a little man, and we want time to slow down.

Sound familiar?

There’s always something new keeping everyone busy, but our latest thing is that we are in the process of buying our very first home! It is so exciting, overwhelming, and nerve-racking all at once. Joe and I have rented ever since getting married. We’ve always dreamed of being home owners, and now that it’s finally happening, it feels pretty surreal. 😱

In the midst of the chaos, I think I’ve identified my biggest flaw: I so easily get fixated on the future and let today’s moments slip past me. Being present is one area of living a balanced life that I’m working hard on.

I think as a stay at home mom, this can really be a challenge as we are juggling the demands of life while being with our children. Of course we need to get things done and have responsibilities other than looking after our babies, but I find myself easy preoccupied with productivity and the incessant need to do more.

So this past Friday, on a whim, Joe and I said “enough” to life’s tasks and demands and we went to the beach with Owen. ✌️ It was so refreshing to meaningfully be together as a family without an agenda!

Hampton Beach, NH

Not living in the present is no way to live. The past is gone and the future isn’t guaranteed, but the here and now is. I find escaping and slowing down to be the perfect solution to end the busy cycle.

I now see why family vacations are a must. A break from the daily grind allows us to immerse ourselves in quality time with those we love, without restraints. This is what keeps me grounded.

So I’ll turn it around — how do you re-center and direct attention back on the simple things, those moments that we are truly living for?

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