Variety is Key to Health | Clean Eating Recipe

In honor of my FIRST week of my IIN nutrition program, I wanted to share my latest favorite meal!

I say it a lot, but the biggest thing I’ve learned about nutrition is that it has nothing to do with counting calories and everything to do with just eating REAL FOOD!

Healthy living should never include restrictions and negative self-talk. It‘s about embracing balance and listening to your body. #intuitiveeating

✨All that being said, I wanted to share my latest hang-up that even my 1 year old is loving: Vermicelli bowls! ✨

Why?? Because the topping combinations are ENDLESS! 👋 Hello variety!

Several toppings can be prepped in about 15 minutes and used throughout the next few days for quick, nourishing meals that leave you full and energized.

So, what’s on my plate?! 🍚 Vermicelli (rice) noodles topped with:

  • red cabbage
  • shrimp
  • crushed garlic
  • green onions
  • cilantro
  • cucumber
  • red pepper
  • bean sprouts
  • crushed peanuts

Chicken, tofu, onions, carrots, jalapeños, and lettuce are just a few other suggested options that would taste delicious! Top everything off with a bit of olive oil, fresh lime, red chili pepper, and coconut aminos for a healthy dressing.

Do yourself a solid and the next time you’re in the produce section, pick up a new vegetable to try! Variety is key to keeping the excitement of eating whole foods alive. 🙌

Try something new? I’d love to hear!

(Vermicelli noodles can be found in most grocery stores, located in the Asian foods section.)

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  1. Shaun Jones says:

    I tried radishes about a month ago and I was very surprised by how much I would like the taste. They went in this delicious spring salad I found on Beachbody’s Fixate Channel. It was so good and refreshing. I wish I could share it, but I have no idea how to.


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