Is there a Perfect Diet?

Fact: 95% of dieters gain back all the body fat they lose.

How is it that American’s are constantly “dieting”, yet obesity is SO prevalent in the U.S.?




The latest diet book drops, and the more extreme the protocol, the higher the ratings.

I get it, we’re all drawn to diets — it’s fun to fit-in and be a part of the labels… “keto”, “paleo”, “low-carb”, “vegan”, etc. I even used to identify with some of these.  We enjoy the community and identifying with like-minded eaters. And we know that what we eat affects our weight and health. So there has to be a perfect diet out there, right?

The truth is, diets don’t work because maintaining a healthy weight is not about food, it is about the individual. Diets are a one-size-fits-all approach, no exceptions. This completely neglects bio-individuality – what makes you YOU.

Just as we don’t tell people what type of relationship they should have or what career they should be in, we should’t tell people what to eat.

We are completely unique individuals, shaped by

  • heritage
  • gender
  • height
  • weight
  • activity level
  • lifestyle
  • location

Not only are we all unique, but our dietary needs and preferences change and vary. For example, men generally crave more meat, our age affects our dietary needs, and culturally, we all have a genetic predisposition to eat the foods from the country our ancestors grew up.

So how do we know what to eat?

Our own eating intuition is the best place to begin.


When we look within and truly understand our self – our bio-individuality and our cravings, we can begin to

  • break free from restrictive eating,
  • understand how to have a healthy relationship with food,
  • and learn what feeds our body and soul.


Sure, a specific way of eating will work well for certain people during a particular time in their life. But strictly adhering to one dietary theory is not a substantial way of living and will not foster long-term health.

When you feed yourself intuitively and mindfully, your body naturally maintains a healthy weight.

Your body knows what it needs. Experiment, and be open to what works for you.


Live abundantly,

❤ Terriann

 ***This information is an overview from my studies at IIN, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I am in the process of becoming a certified holistic health coach. I am passionate about empowering men and women to heal from within and would be honored to support your own health journey.

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