Natural Living

“Our health is the sum of our relationship with the environment – what we eat, drink, absorb, think, breathe, put on our skin, and how and where we live.”  

– Palmer Kippola

If you’re new here, you may not know that I am very passionate about two things: living fully, and living as nature intended.

These two things go hand in hand… what we pour into ourselves (thoughts, eating habits, entertainment), how we spend our time, and who we surround ourselves with will determine our life quality and overall health.

So I strive to live fully by living intentionally.

I live fully by prioritizing what I live for, being mindful of how I spend each day, immersing myself in nourishing relationships, and by choosing to sustain my body and mind with what benefits it.

This looks different for everyone in every season of life.

As a wife, new mom, and someone continuing to manage my autoimmune disease naturally, it is accepting that I am where I should be with my life and making the most of my blessings. It requires knowing my limitations, taking time for self-care & self-improvement, and intentionality (recurring theme 😉).

Daily this looks like being present when spending time with my little family, investing in myself through self-guided learning, growing my home business, taking time to enjoy hobbies like hiking, creating new and healing meals for myself and family, and by challenging myself through fitness training.

I am learning that balance is the key to health and happiness in this season of my life. I can’t do it all, but I can always be working towards better. Health, happiness, and fullness of life are all possible when balancing life demands and working towards personal dreams.

I believe living as nature intended fosters both health, happiness, and fullness of life. It’s a daily journey of accepting life as a gift and making daily decisions to achieve our purpose. Our health is the sum of our relationship with the environment; Just as creation absorbs it’s surroundings, requires nourishment, and changes throughout seasons, so do we.

Drop a comment below about your own wellness journey! I’d love to hear what you are prioritizing in this season of your life.